Workflow Automation Platform for Oncology

Oncore is an AI assistant that helps track and automate the logistical tasks nurses and schedulers need to complete to get patients ready for their next step in care

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Automated Scheduling
Navigation & Workup Coordination
Patient Engagement

Oncology care is broken

nurses interviewed experience burnout from administrative burden
of nurses and support staff' days lost to repetitive, automatable tasks
manual tasks to manage care logistics for just one patient

Simplified workflows. Streamlined care delivery.

By intelligently analyzing patients' health records, Oncore's ML engine enables efficient care coordination and enhances workflow execution across scheduling and navigation.

  • Improve Patient Throughput

    Increased throughput by improving utilization of outpatient appointment slots and minimizing no shows
  • Increase Provider Satisfaction

    Reduce burnout and improve nursing satisfaction by simplifying clinical workflows
  • Ease Staffing Shortages

    Enable workflow efficiency by streamlining care coordination across departments

How it works

Oncore's copilot coordinates care in the background of the EHR on behalf of clinic nurses, nurse navigators & schedulers, streamlining repetitive tasks and freeing up the care team to focus on what's most important directly supporting patients.

Oncore bi-directionally integrates with leading EHRs
Oncore’s ML engine ingests patient context from the EHR to understand and streamline next steps in clinical workflow
Automates downstream tasks after sign off by nursing & support staff at key junctures
Intentionally designed to not disrupt physician workflows

Core features

Triaging patients based on diagnosis and stage
Matching patients to right providers across departments
Coordinating workups for future appointments
Automatic calling & texting gather patient availability based on providers’ calendar
Checking requisite documents are received prior to visit
Automatically filling open slots via waitlist given cancellations
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Use Cases

Enhance oncology care delivery with Oncore's end-to-end workflow solutions, automating the most time-consuming steps of care coordination

AI for Outpatient Clinics

Automate follow-up coordination and increase surveillance clinic patient follow through
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AI for Infusion Centers

Improve infusion center operations, patient flow, scheduling, and staffing
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AI for Radiation Therapy Centers

Optimize patient flow and scheduling for radiation therapy teams
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